Submachine Guns

Without a doubt the Ump45 is the best submachine gun there is. You can compare this to some assault rifles. Very light and easy to carry
around or run with. Packs a good punch. Feels fun to shoot it, plus it
has a quick reload to keep on shooting. Youll need it when things get


The Best Assault Rifles

The best weapons: lets start with your standard assault rifle. Scar,
seems to be the best overall. A good iron sight, nice size clip,
medium recoil and decent reload time. The best all around weapon. You
can put an ACOG scope on it and do some sniping if you wish. I know
there are some camper out there.

Second on the list and my fav is the AK-47. Yeah I know most of you
dont like it but tough, it has power. The recoil sucks but it can be
controlled. You need power to control the power.



Call Of Duty Black Ops

Call of Duty Black Ops will be exposed right here! Dont miss it!

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The Call Of Duty

Call of Duty 2: Modern Warfare

One of the best online games ever. So why not blog about it? You can
put countless hours into this game and still feel rewarded after
prestige mode for the 8th time. Every reward, every achievement leaves
you with a sense of accomplishment. I think its the music and the
achievement that pops up on the screen right after you shoot a guy
with your M9 while in last stand for the game winning kill. It also
nice to have everyone else see it on your kill cam too. Especially the
guy who shot you down only to have you pull out your pistol and unload
a barrage of bullets in his chest. The cherry on top; game set, you
dont die and he dont get the kill. No game like it!

Tons of options, limitless gameplay how can you find time to do
anything else.

Weapons. Tons and tons of weapons. Assault rifles, sniper rifles,
handguns, semi-autos, grenade launchers, tactical knives, claymores,
and many more. I dont have any guns in real life but I sure feel like
I do. Its like Ive been on the battlefield and in the trenches with my
comrades. Ive field tested a variety of weapons and tactical
positions. Unloaded Javelins on Harriers just seconds after they
arrive. Damn it feels good to be a soldier.

You have the chance to hear some of the greatest Call of Duty stories
ever experienced, from me and others. Gain some insight into weapons
and tactical positions and live some of the best showdowns anywhere.
Stay tuned and hold on for the ride...